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A Lucario TG TF Story
made by Blu Scout (my new name)

It was a normal day at home day for Micheal.....but it will all change soon....

"Mikey, you'll be late for school!" My mother shouted up the stairs to my room. I was a five foot nine inch tall fifteen year old boy at the time.
"zzzzzzzz-!.....uugh...Coming Mom!" I quickly shouted as I leaped out of my twin size bed, throwing the comforter off me, quickly rushing to my dresser. I quickly scanned it for something decent to put on, and found a pair of light blue shorts and a manila colored long-sleeve shirt with blue colored sleeves. Now, you might be thinking,' why put on those kinds of clothes?'..well,i like it cuz I.....kinda like Lucarios....ok,ok.i LOVE Lucarios,i just think they are just so epic!Anyways,on with the story..
With my clothes thrown on, although still a bit ruffled up and wrinkly from the rush, I ran down the stairs, stumbled a bit, and took a left into the kitchen. Mom was preparing tonight's dinner, which from the looks of it, was steak. after watching mom cook for a brief moment, I noticed my backpack was already prepared with everything I needed today, and a bowl of Cheerios was sitting just across the table from my bag.
"Yo mom, what time is it?" I asked while stuffing my mouth with Cheerios, even though I don't like them as much as I made it look."Well, its......"she glanced around for the kitchen clock, then said with a brief pause.".....7:47" I stopped shoveling the cereal into my mouth, stunned at the time it was.' what?! already!? I gotta go!' I thought to myself, then shouted as I ran out the door, slinging my bag onto my shoulders"Gotta go, see ya mom!"
"see you-" she half finished her sentence as the door closed shut behind me.
"sigh*....that boy is always doing things fast-paced....he really needs to slow things down, or something might happen. knowing the pace of his actions." Mom said glumly to herself.
As I rushed myself down the sidewalk going the unfortunate one and a half mile walk to Wane Chester High, which some people say that it was founded by what people call Anthros. 'yeah right, like a SCHOOL could be founded by someone who is like, half beast half human.' I thought to myself, shunning the thought. after a good 2-3 minutes of walking, I finally made it to the school.
"Yo Mikey!" someone shouted as they rode their bike down the opposite sidewalk.
"hey! long time no see Anthony!" Yeah, my best friend Anthony, who I kind of consider a brother. We have been BF's since like, 4'th grade.
I rushed down the sidewalk and crossed the street to Anthony, who gladly stopped so we could chat." So, Mikey, hows life been treatin ya?"
"pretty good."
"same here." we stared at each other for what seemed like a few seconds. then Anthony glanced down at his watch."Oh crap!we gotta go! see ya!"after that, he rushed into the bike lot, dropped it off and locked it in, then rushed inside.

Here's the situation. it's the first day of school after summer vaca, and since May, we haven't seen each other since. we both were starting 10th grade here, and hopefully we have the same classes.

I walked up to the door which my schedule said to go to. room C 122.
I walked in and saw what I hoped to see. Anthony. I casually walked up to the desk next to him, but just as I was about to sit down..."outta my way, nerdface!"a big husky teen dressed in drag (not cross-dress style mind you, more or less goth/emo getup), and shoved me so hard, I stumbled into a very unusual girls' desk, almost knocking it over."oops!sorry mi-"
I stopped when I saw what she looked like...she seemed to be a female Lucario...I hoped I wasn't imagining this. everyone else, except Anthony, who was too busy with the bully, was staring at me.apparently; they thought I was talking to an empty desk. I just stood there, staring back, then sat in the chair next to the she-Lucario, which happened to be right in front of where Anthony was sitting. while the teacher was talking about what the expectations of her students(the teacher's name is Ms.Ramerez) were, while repeatedly glancing at the husky kid who shoved me a minute ago, I was lost in my thoughts.' who is she? how come I am the only one who can see her? is she real, or am I hallucinating?....."
after sitting there with my questions blazing through my mind, I tried to reach over and touch the Lucario girl. when I reached her, she quickly looked over at me with her crimson red eyes, and looked down at my hand. by what she saw, I was reaching over for her furry, possibly 38 D cup breasts. after a few seconds, I also looked at my hand, noticing where it was. I rapidly pulled back my hand, blushing brightly. the teacher noticed my blushing, and I happened to be staring straight at her. she slowly walked over to me; I stopped blushing, and gulped.
"You.....take a seat outside."Ms. Ramerez ordered me and pointed to the door. I got up and shamefully walked out the door."man,can this morning get any worse?" As soon as those words came out my mouth, I knew it was about to. The Lucario came out the classroom door, walking quite sexy and gracefully, and turned to me.instantly,the memory of our misunderstanding came flashing through my mind.Again,i blushed, although not as brightly.
"look, im sorry, I wasn't reaching for your breasts! I was just trying to see if you were even real!" the Lucario seemed to look a little offended, but said nothing.instead,she merely just sat down next to me, her fur ruffling in the motion, mostly her breasts bounced a little. She sat there, trying to adjust her tail to a comfortable position, and even then was a bit graceful……
we sat there next to each other for what seemed like forever. she finally turned her head to me....and surprisingly..blushed? in a way she was….happy…… a moment after she blushed, the bell rang for 1st period.
"well...uuh, see you later?" I whispered, trying not to be heard, while a bit confused.
I started to head down to my first class, which is Algebra, in room A 202,which by the map on the other side of the school.'great,just great.' I muttered to myself, not noticing the Lucario girl following me. The rest of the day went on as normal...or almost as normal. the Lucario girl followed me throughout the day, always somehow sitting in the desk next to me. another incident went off in 5th period....Gym....
"Alright,scrawny little maggots; except you Bison! You make me proud." he was referencing to the husky boy I mentioned earlier." Throughout this next semester, we will be..." I zoned out from there. after what felt like two minutes, I saw the Lucario walk up to me from across the gymnasium. she seemed to walk much more gracefully from the view I had. she swung her furry, very feminine hips slightly from side to side, walking very femininely, with the grace of a swan. she stopped in front of me, and stood there.Again, i blushed, and thank goodness no one noticed.
"" she seemed to say to me, and she attempted to grab my hand, and somehow succeeded. she started leading me out towards the northwestern exit out of the gym. I saw everyone else just stare at me confused, the coach seemed the most confused." What in tarnation???"he said quite loudly right as I was leaving the gym. she continued to take me past halls B, E, F, and H halls, to what seemed like a door to a grassy room...
'this must be the Biology Room...' I Thought to myself. She turned to me, smiled and nodded at me. I was dumbfounded from that point. she finally let go of my hand, and became a physical being out of nowhere, like a apparition materializing, but she did it with beauty. "Hello Micheal."The Lucario said to me.
"???....are you...talking" I asked her, thinking that it was someone else, but it was in fact her.
"yes. my name is Lauren. I have been following you since Anthony and you have met."
"whoahwhoahwhoahwhoah, hold on....since me and Anthony met??"
"yes. I was ordered by him to follow you." Lauren then looked downward in shame, I thought I saw a tear in her crimson red, yet beautiful eyes for a second….
"he ordered you to follow me????"she looked back up, her face saying she was ashamed.
"I know this seems wrong, but......."she stopped saying in her sweet beautiful voice.
"but what?"
"I had to, I had no choice, he saved my life..."Lauren then turned over to the teacher's computer and pulled up what was a flashback to that exact day......
"heeeelp!"Anthony screamed. He was being pinned against a wall by a Sceptile in a alley, where no one could see them.
"'s useless. NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU!" He then began to use Leaf Blade, laughing at the same time.' so.....this is the'his thoughts were interrupted by Lauren coming in to save him using Extremespeed."GYAAGH!"the Sceptile yelled in agony, being knocked against the alley wall and smashing through 2 crates, but looked somewhat unscaved as he rose from the ground.
"wh-who are you?"
".........don't move." Lauren ordered Anthony.Sceptile and Lauren's eyes were locked for a solid and intense 5 minutes.
Lauren then quickly charged up a powerful Aura Sphere attack."hyaaah!"
"WHAT THE-"the Aura Sphere did a massive amount of damage to the Sceptile, yet again knocking him against the same wall.
" BITCH!"Lauren was frozen solid by his use of profanity.
"SOLAR BEAM!" since there was an amazing amount of sunlight shining down on them,Sceptile was able to attack almost immediately."HUUUGGGGRAAAAGH!!!"
he screamed as he unleashed the massive amount of deadly solar energy.
"EEEEEEEEEEK!"Lauren screamed, as she took the blow. after a massive amount of smoke cleared from the area, Lauren was badly injured.
"hey buddy......."Anthony said, in a strange tone. the Sceptile turned to him, confused.
"don't you know how to treat a lady?" Anthony was glowing with a blue aura, his eyes turned a crimson red.
"what the Fu-"
"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"Anthony shot out a massive Aura Sphere blast, finishing off the Sceptile, leaving only a corpse. After a moment of silence, Anthony,extremely shocked at what he just did, quickly tended to Lauren's injuries with anything nearby, and the two left the alleyway safely…
I stood there, confounded by what I saw. completely shocked.
"wait, Lauren..."
"....can you show me the part of what he wanted you to do with me?" she stood there silent for a moment, looking worried.
"...........I cannot...not until what needs to be done is done..."she said with worry, and regret in her soft feminine voice.
"what-...what do you mean?....."I said, a little frightened. we both stood there and Lauren....after a few moments of silence, Lauren turned and said,"Im sorry..."almost crying, and I would soon find out why.
she suddenly ran up to me, and kissed me, slowly inclining to a make-out session between me and Lauren. It felt weird, my human lips making love with her furry mouth just below a muzzle unique to Lucarios.. after a brief moment of silence between us, she burst out crying, and leaped out the open window.."?????......what was that about?" The bell then rang for the day to end.
apparently me and Lauren spent the remainder of the day in the biology room. I headed out the door, my destination...home.
I got home, feeling like I needed to get washed up in the shower for some reason, hopped into the shower after getting my thoughts together in my room,taking off my sort of Lucario getup,which is quite ironic at this point in the story…
the water was cold at first, but afterwards, my entire body felt all tingly and strange,almost……..feminine…..
"man...what the F***k is going on?...."I then stumbled around, the cold water trickling all over my nude body.
my face started to become more feminine like, all of my man features quickly draining away.
";uuugh....uuuuuuugh!eeek!what the hell happened to my voice!?!?" my voice shifted into a very fem voice, but this was not all. my hands started to become more feminine and became dainty, my nails growing 1 ½ centimeters longer, while my 'muscular' man arms were becoming thinner and more feminine.
my shoulders became much smaller and less broad, and my ribcage shrinked. my waist imploded, and my hips widened, giving me a very feminine hourglass shape.
"eeeeeeeek!im turning into a woman!" as i shrieked in a girl's voice, all the hair on my body fell off and my skin became very smooth. My feet shrank, also becoming feminine.
I stared down at my womanly shaped body, and while I was doing so, the areola around my nipples grew and darkened, and lumps appeared around my nipples. I cupped my now dainty hands over the lumps below my nipples, which then seemed to immediately swell under my hands. the lumps quickly grew into  a pair of fem breasts, quickly pushed forward and outward on my man chest, making it even more feminine, and my new breasts stopped growing at the DD size,and my shrunk ribcage validated my 'bra size' at a 38DD. As I stared upwards into the drizzling of the water pouring out of the shower head, everything seemed to grow higher up than me.after a brief second of confusion, I realized that I was shrinking in height,while at the same time, my jet black boy hair was growing much longer at a quick pace, turning from a jet black into a faded blond, and stopped just above my ass, going from shaggy to straight-yet-wavy feminine hair, while decently covering up my nipples,
(which now went from flat to an inch and a half long in length), as well as most of the top half my 'man pleasers', and my lips swelled up into more luscious, kissable lips. After gazing down at my gorgeous protruding chest, I fondled myself on my new breasts for a moment, shuddering at the profound sensitivity of my nipples, when I felt my penis start to shrink as well. I watched in horror as my penis shrank, turning into a vagina. I noticed it was hard to see down past my breasts, which were turning me on, especially with the water trickling down my super sensitive nipples as I slowly caress them, feeling my groin grow moist."im a F***king woman…"now closely staring at my hands,still grasping my surprisingly firm 'girls', cupping them around the areola, feeling slightly heavy(which was also turning me on), I noticed that my hands were now covered with growing wet black fur, my fingers fusing into paws, which claws began to extend from where my once feminine nails were, very slightly stabbing at the growing pads under my paws, more or less at the pads under my paw-fingers."gyagh!"I yelped as sharp metal spikes shot out from the backs of my hands,leaving a bit of blood stained on them and the fur around my paws,but quickly was burnt away by the strange energy emanating from them. the black fur grew a little past my wrists, then stopped, turning to blue fur inclining up my womanly arms."im....turning into....a pretty hot female Lucario.."the fur stopped growing past my small shoulders....."ooooh… my nipples feel so itchy now!" I started to scratch my nipples,"Ow!" I yelped,forgetting about my new claws that I grew, now realizing that yellowish manila fur grew outward around the circumference of my ample boobs,and a scruff of the same color grew out from the base of my neck, forming neck fur-scruff.
now, from just a little below my bellybutton, a black fur belt-like line extended outward from my curvaceous hips just a few centimeters below my waist and down to the tip of my vag,and from there my legs from just a little above the knees were sprouting more blue fur."ooooooooohhh...."I moaned from the upcoming pain..
the fur changed from blue to black and grew down to my feminine feet, which quickly morphed into paws, just like my hand-paws."GYAGH!"i howled in pain in my feminine voice as my knees bended backwards, making me balance on the balls of my feet...or paws. then shortly after, a tail covered with blue fur shot out from the base of my spine, the tip curving into a downward point, slightly covered with blood,but that was taken care of,due to water pouring of me, making my fur more soggy, while washing any remaining blood.      " I...cant take...much more..."I said, about to faint from what was happening, but it didn't stop there.
now my face was being covered with blue fur, while black fur sprouted around my eyes out from the tip of my nose, forming a sort of mask. my pupils then formed into slits, and my eye color went from a hazel blue, to a crimson red. I started to get very dizzy, and fell onto the tub floor, feeling a good dose of pain from falling onto my tail."owowowooow!this cant be happening!" I kept saying to myself, while my upper jaw and my nose came and fused growing outwards to form a short muzzle. "grrraaagh!why me!" I shouted, while a pair of dreadlock-like 'aura sensors'grew out from under my ass length hair.
"My ears!!" I lost my hearing for a brief moment, as my human ears receded into my Lucario head, and my new ears sprouted from the top of my head, becoming quite sensitive to sound. from there I moaned,"uuuugghhh...why Lauren..........why……..Anthony???"I then passed out, the water pouring over my new furry female Lucario body, dampening my fur and hair, while another spike shot out from between my new breasts, also slightly coated in blood, but again the water fixed that, and now my transformation was over…..
the next day, I woke up in the biology room at school, still a bit soggy from the shower water, looking up at Lauren and Anthony.
"uuuuuugh..." I couldn't tell then, but Anthony and Lauren(more Anthony than Lauren) were disgusted by the 'wet dog smell' I gave off for some reason.
"he's waking up Anthony, what are you going to tell Him...I mean…her?" Lauren asked Anthony concernedly." well...."at that moment, I woke up, quite furious.
"WHY ANTHONY!WHY!"I screamed, while briefly glowing with a violent blue aura, my paws also glowing with violent levels of aura.. then I burst out crying, and Lauren caught me as I was falling into her furry breasts, my face landing somewhat between them,just below her chest spike.
Anthony was silent as I was crying into Lauren, holding tightly; like a scared child who is relying on her mother for comfort. Anthony looked very ashamed of what was done while Lauren was trying to soothe me, rubbing and patting me in a soothing matter on my head and back.
".....tell him. you have to." Lauren whispered to Anthony, me still sobbing, but less hysterically. he nodded.
"hmph."nodding again. I finally stopped crying, the fur around my eyes now soaked with tears, and part of Lauren's breasts where I was crying were too.
"Michelle-"Anthony called me, me immediately cutting him off.
"my name is Micheal, not Michelle.", still sobbing a bit.
"it is now...sorry"
" were going to be killed."
"....what??"i asked,shocked,mostly at his answer, and also at my feminine voice.
".....Michelle...if this didn't happen, a gang of Exterminators were going to kill you, this was the only solution."
" but why do I have to be a girl??"i said, referencing to my boobs and vagina...and the rest of my body.
"They would still be able to tell it's you, if you were a girl; and you are, your entire aura would change, protecting you from that death." I was silent for a minute. I had heard about these Exterminators before as a child. They were a group of thug, mob like Lucarios, who hunt down humans and kill them, me being their ultimate target somehow, and I still don't know to this day. They have the ability to sense auras and know whose aura it belongs to---in any form. if one changes their gender, though, their aura is completely changed, being the only way I would live.
Anthony's decision, although costly, saved my life....
"I-…I understand." I said, relieved of any tears left. Lauren stood up carefully, making sure not to drop me, seeing as I was still getting used to my body.
"…..So, what are we to do, Anthony?" Lauren asked.
"Well…. We should get ourselves away from civilization, as to not stir up a crowd." Anthony said with confidence
"good idea." Me and Lauren said in synch. We then rushed out of the building to the nearest exit, making sure no-one saw us." Wait, I must do something first." I announced almost suddenly." what is it, Michelle?" Lauren asked, concerned.
" I have some unfinished business." I proclaimed, hinting towards Anthony, and he knew what I was hinting at. We quickly arrived at my house, and I wrote out a note for Mom;

Dear Mom,
It's been fun having you around, but things have happened recently, and I am sorry to say that I must leave forever…. I love you. Be strong. don't cry over me, cuz ill be alright. And there's no need to worry, I'm in good hands; Cause I have Anthony.....

and a special friend.

Take care…


I saw Lauren look at the part that said 'special friend' and she blushed and smiled brightly. I turned and smiled back. I hugged her and kissed her. She returned the kiss, and soon we began another make-out session, but this one was different. Me, Anthony, and Lauren leaped off towards the outskirts of town, where there was a beautiful grass meadow, and made our livings there…..
It's been a month since that stuff happened, and I got to say, it made my life better. We are still living at that same meadow, and now I am now with Lauren as my partner(she turned out to be lesbian,but was willing to 'do it' with Anthony if it was to increase the Lucario population), and Anthony has always,and will always,be there for us. since us 3 have been secluded from civilization, and living the life of a Lucario, Anthony has also become a Lucario.We will never be seperated.We.....are one……..

A family……

(Anthony)"all for one....."
(Me and Lauren)"And One for All!!"

these events turned out to be the best events of my whole me a new purpose.....
I never found out what happened that day the agreement between Anthony and Lauren to make this happen…but it doesn't matter in the least bit no more…

I am happy with this new life Anthony gave me, and so is Lauren. Because of him…..
Life is……perfect..

                                        THE END
a re-upload of the original and should be the official version of this story, which in a way is my own tg tf story

PS if anyone knows how to change ur username, please let me know!
PSS: look at the keywords ;)


man, lots o typos, fixed up some of em. like, 1:00 AM now, soon heading to bed.maybeh.
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OrangeBloxxing Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student General Artist
lucario is singular AND plural, so you better get your facts straight
Elicario Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014   Writer
Dang that sucks Howell gets a lesbian and a dude to mate both of them xD
Freddy521 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student Writer
Bloody exterminators. Always going around ruining other peoples lives, killing or getting them tfed.

Good job though.

-Lucas Lucario and Freddy-
DragonTamer108 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
great story, love lucario
deathmonklaser Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks, and Lucario's are DEFINITELY the greatest Pokemon of all time.... The Chuck Norris pokemon!
Freddy521 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student Writer
That is very true, they are my favourite for reasons I'm sure you can understand
<<hint hint<<

they are awesome though

-Lucas Lucario-
OrangeBloxxing Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student General Artist
it is true that lucario looks cool it wont be a Chuck Norris against psychic Pokemon AND fire Pokemon, though it is pretty cool in design i have to say
deathmonklaser Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks, and Lucario's are DEFINITELY the greatest Pokemon of all time.... The Chuck Norris pokemon!
ACD605 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
AMAZING! Lucario is hands down the best :)
Keep making these types of stories, there awesome.
deathmonklaser Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011  Student General Artist

well,this is my first deviation! YAY! this one literally came at me out of nowhere! anyways, enjoy all u users who have accounts, cuz u need one to view it, same with all other crap with mature content filters.
"if you were from, where i were from, you'd be fuckin dead!"
Blu Scout
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